Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fishing Trip

Took a fishing trip this weekend. Had the time of my life. Caught a fat large mouth bass and I was so tickled about it. I was in awe of all the wildlife.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Birds

Found these little cutie pies on the forest floor. 
They were so chipper and playful they drew me right into their little world. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adventures at the Beach

I was out-and-about today exploring my new town. It was one of those warm late fall afternoons where the sun has an orangey glow that seems to baptize everything it touches. 

I drove around looking for whatever caught my eye. That brick building caught my eye and I was taking some pictures of it from my car while in the middle of the road... Welll... lets just say I simultaneously discovered where the local police station is. Yeah that would be next door to the pretty brick building. A line of police cars just appeared out of thin air. They were coming out of their driveway while I had my face in the viewfinder. I pulled the camera away from my face and VOILA! Oh hey! Heh heh. Hello there. 
(Act cool Jenna. Just act cool. Show no weakness.) Thankfully the first car stopped and held up all the others while explaining the history of the building to me. Highly embarrassing. Highly.

How I wish I could convey the smells and sounds that accompanied these images. The photos of the swing and sunset at the end, there was a smell of bonfires wafting across the salty breeze. 
Ah it was just lovely!