Tuesday, April 24, 2012

:: Tuesday's Tea With Me ::

Is there a place you go to in order to take refuge -- a safe space to sort yourself out?

Everyone needs to know how to take refuge. No matter how much you love your life, no matter how strong or motivated you may be, you will be overwhelmed at times. Maybe you'll be trying to pick yourself up after a hard knock, or losing your house or your job, or you may simply have a hard week. At these junctions in life if you don't have a habit of taking refuge, life can begin to feel like an endless treadmill.

But there is more to life than everything going smoothly all the time. And boy have I ever learned this in life. That's not what it's about. It's not about being comfortable. It's about being in relationship with the being who created it all. And if you've been in any sort of relationship, you know.... it's not always a bed of roses.

The word "refuge" means "place of shelter." But I don't mean the basic physical shelter that every human being needs. I'm referring to the kind of shelter that shelters your spirit. A shelter in which you can tuck yourself away safely for a time and get in touch with your deepest heart's cry. This is especially important when you feel lost or overwhelmed, tossed about by external pressures or inner turmoil.

Alright so what defines a refuge? First, it should help your mind calm down. Second, it should help you feel safe and protected. On a normal day, it helps you stay connected to your center, to keep your peace-level at a 10, or to feel that other human beings share your concerns. On a bad day, your place of refuge can restore your soul. It can also function as a kind of cocoon, where you retreat to do the sort of self-examination that leads to inner change. There you can shed your masks, process your failures, and savor your joys. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kingdom of Glory

"King" and his Mama Glory.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wild at Heart

Today was the most beautiful day. The weather was lovely and I spent practically all afternoon pretending I was an Indian. If you tread lightly here you can meet all kinds of little forest creatures. I can't pinpoint what is it that I love so much about being in the wild but I know that my soul comes to life as I take in the fresh smells and feel the fresh breeze brush across my skin. I love to discover all the little goodies God has tucked into each day here. I think even the deer are getting used to me, as they are letting me come much closer these days. Either that or I have become quieter. This is where I come to center myself. To hear my own thoughts. To simply do some existing. "Produce produce produce," the world says. But I refuse to be told how to live. I want to live intentionally.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

One Day at a Time

                  One Day at a Time

            One day at a time is all we can bear.
            When faced by concerns, problems and care.
            We must turn to our Lord and most patiently.
            Ask for the answers and what we must see.
            Then let him have the troubles we bear.
            Knowing it works to turn to Him in prayer.
            One day at a time we can handle, you see.
            If we don't get caught up in what has to be.
            So with the faith of a child turn all troubles to Him.
            Your Lord and your Savior your battles you'll win.
            So start it right now it is easy to do.
            One day at a time it is now up to you.