Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Finally got around to editing these from my birthday. I love my family. We had a great time celebrating at my parent's house. I was playing around in the yard with my camera.

Stiiiill in my 20s. :)

::Tuesdays's Tea with Me::

Good Morning America!

What have you been up to on this beautiful overcast Tuesday morning? Isn't it just beautiful when it's overcast and you can't see more than a yard in either direction? Hmmm... Funny sometimes God gives you only a few steps at a time. Why is that so hard for me?

I was thinking... what if we began to view our trials as exercises designed to develop our trust-muscles? Trust in a God you say you believe in. When I am asked, I totally tell people that I believe in God. I say that. But if they looked into my life, would they find proof? Do I believe in Him or do I simply know about him? There is a lot of information out there about God.

Sometimes there is a lot of information out there about you. Your company keeps track of your performance, the credit bureaus keep track of your credit score, college transcripts... Speeding tickets anyone? Yet if someone were to read the things that were down on paper, would that give them a good idea of who you are? Do you think those things would accurately reflect your value? Your entirety? Of course not. They're one dimensional, and you my dear friend are way more than one dimensional. Things recorded about you, cannot possibly tell the whole story. They may address one specific thing in your life, like the fact that you feel you can break the rules and disregard the speed limit, but how does that tell them what makes you unique? Some people may be privy to facts about you, but only certain people in this life, have the honor of knowing you.

This brings me to a complete tangent but I have to tell this story. One day I was driving a very fast car. I can't remember why I had the fast car, (Dad it was not yours don't worry) but it was awesome. Two door sports car and I was happy as a clam. So I was flying along country roads and "enjoying the abilities of the car", and ZOOM I flew by a highway patrol. I was over the hill before he could even pull onto the road. But I knew. I KNEW. Aaaaaand... there he was behind me. No lights on. I just pulled right over. He walked up to my window, and said, "Boy you sure pulled over quick. I didn't even have to turn on my lights." I said, "Well we can do it over if you want?" :)

You know what. That guy gave me the nicest speeding ticket I've ever received. Lets just say it didn't indicate anywhere near the actual speed I was going. And I had to go to traffic school and pay fines and all that. But you know... I was speeding.

Okay but my point is, that information doesn't tell you everything about me. It might even make me more interesting? Or you'll never let your children ride with me again. Who knows. But if we as humans can't be defined on paper, how much more dimensional is God. A being without limits. God must be one of the most popular beings to write about ever. We have oodles of information on the guy. But can you say that you know him? Do you live with him? Cuz I hear you know someone a whole lot better once you live with them. Ha! Knowing them versus the things that are written down about them is like the difference between High Definition TV and black and white television. Anyways, just something to think about. I hate to kick you out, but I gotta get to work. Love you guys. Xoxo

"Come near to God, and He will come near to you... Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Church Parking Lot

It's quite amazing to me all that goes on in the church parking lot. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My precious little cuddle bug.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

::Tuesday's Tea with Me::

Bring your mug outside with me and let's sit in the garden. I've just planted a bunch of seeds and some are starting to sprout up. And there's lady bugs too. :)

So where were we anyway? Boundaries, right? Despite how underdeveloped I feel in this area, let us forge ahead ladies and gentleman.

Okay so the first chapter is called “A Day In a Boundaryless Life.” I’ve had 10,582 of those days. I think I can skip that section. Next is “What Does A Boundary Look Like.” Now that would be a good place to start. I think I’m a bit limited here. To me it looks like the word “No.” But I believe you can actually expand your boundary vocabulary. Some people are really good at saying No, without ever saying the word “No.” If you’re one of those kinds of people, would you mind if I follow you around 24/7 for the next year? I won't bother you at all. Lol.

Another part of knowing what a boundary looks like, is becoming more authentic in identifying your feelings. I've really been working on this lately. We have all kinds of fake feelings I call them. Anger and Happiness are the most popular. Happiness is not joy. Joy is something deep, like a well beneath your feet. Many of us mask our true feelings with either happiness or anger. Feelings are powerful! They serve a very important purpose in life. And anything that is powerful has parameters. (i.e electricity, sex, etc.) Remember this: We cannot be controlled by our feelings, and neither can we suppress and ignore them. We must sit through them. Let the wave wash over, and once you have experienced the feeling for that moment, you then allow it to inform you about the situation. You will make great decisions about boundaries, if you pay attention to your core feelings. (As opposed to the fake ones.)

And I'll leave you with this quote from the book:

“An adult who does not stand on his own financially is still a child. To be an adult, you must live within your means and pay for your own failures.”


Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer '11

Spent some time with the kids today. The pure amount of energy flowing between these three could surely power a city.

New Puppy

It's my cousin's. But I sure enjoyed playing with him this afternoon.
Thanks Jens for taking these pictures. I had so much fun with you.

(You can see Jennifer's photo shoot with her new puppy at Jenna Jill Photography HERE.)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cleaning Day

So proud of my cleaning day. Ahhh... Home Sweet Home.

Beautiful Little Worker Bee

Me thought I heard a butterfly

Say to a labouring bee:

"Thou hast no colours of the sky

On painted wings like me."

"Poor child of vanity! those dyes,

And colours bright and rare,"

With mild reproof, the bee replies,

"Are all beneath my care.

"Content I toil from morn to eve,

And scorning idleness,

To tribes of gaudy sloth I leave

The vanity of dress."


Friday, August 19, 2011

My Office

I got the itch to rejigger my space. Ahhh... That'll work. I'll be sitting on the couch with my Amish novel this weekend.

I just want to add that my older brother made that really cool piece of pottery. I really love that my brother made it as a kid. He's incredibly creative. He made that when we were little and we were being home-schooled. I've always loved it, and I somehow nabbed it.