Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Secret Santa

I think I got the best Secret Santa! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

::Tuesday's Tea With Me::

"Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others." 
-1 Peter 4:10

 I have kept this page from an old devotional on my refrigerator for severel years now because it is one of those perspectives I need to realign my heart with regularly. I thought I would share it with you this morning: 

There is only so much sand in the hourglass. Who gets it? You know what I'm talking about, don't you?... The PTA needs a new treasurer. With your background and experience and talent and wisdom and love for kids and degree in accounting, YOU are the perfect one for the job!" It's tug-of-war, and you are the rope... "Blessed are the meek," Jesus said. The word meek does not mean weak. It means focused. It is a word to describe a domesticated stallion. Power under control. Blessed are those who recognize their God-given responsibilities. Blessed are those who acknowledge that there is only one God and have quit applying for his position. Blessed are those who know what on earth they are on earth to do and set themselves about the business of doing it.


Here you go Yvette. Here are my discoveries as I explored your old stomping grounds. :) I wanted to go through that tunnel so bad and see what was over there but I had to get back to the Gough Thanksgiving. Lol. Next time... 

Fall Adventures

I was so excited. I went out for a walk  while we were up in San Francisco for the weekend. I was hoping I'd discover something cool. Well... off in the distance I could see this train tunnel in the side of a hill. I thought, "Hmmm... how can I get to that?" So I borrowed my mom's car and did some investigating. I drove around and attempted to get as close as possible. It involved some trespassing, hiking, and climbing, but I FOUND it. One of my mottos is to "dress for the occasion." Well, I was not dressed for the occasion, not this one anyway. I was dress for Thanksgiving dinner but oh well. 

It was slippery in my dress and boots. But worth it. The one thing, was that people from the freeway could see me and they were honking at me. I decided to believe they were honking to wave at me and not to tell me I looked ridiculous in my formal Thanksgiving attire hiking up the side of a mountain and climbing onto a set of train tracks. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

In the City

Thanksgiving in the City

Nope. My mom is on the left. That's actually my Aunt. 
I know.

Our Thanksgiving: 2011

 Every year all the Gough's gather on the day after Thanksgiving. Usually this leaves room for "the other side of the family" on Thanksgiving day. Each year we rotate who hosts the holidays among the five siblings. (Of which my dad is the youngest.) Four of the five siblings live here on the central coast. However Uncle Bandy (the eldest, he was born on Band Day, which earned him his nickname "Bandaid", which somehow turned into 'Bandy') lives in San Francisco. When it is Uncle Bandy and Aunt Maggie's turn to host we all head up to SF and spend Thanksgiving evening in the city. The following day, we have our traditional Thanksgiving feast. 

Although you would assume everything on this trip revolves around the Thanksgiving meal, you would be incorrect. Any second guesses? This is the Gough family after all... No takers? GOLF. The festivities actually revolve around the numerous tee times that are scheduled well in advance. 

The point is to play as much golf as possible without missing the Thanksgiving meal. This of course leaves the rest of us (non-golfaholics, but still golfers) to entertain ourselves until the golfaholics return from whichever course had the least chance of rain. This can include courses anywhere within a 2 hour radius of the Herbert Albert Gough II (Bandy's real name) residence.

When said golfers return you must check-in to see how well your most immediate family member played. This will indicate whether they won or lost money. Which will then clue you into whether they are in a good mood or if irritability may be lurking. A minimum of 18 holes of golf per day is required...

The five siblings are as follows:
  1. Herbert Albert Gough II (Bandy)
  2. John Gough 
  3. Bill Gough
  4. Chrissie Dickran (Gough)
  5. Jeff Gough
This year we had just shy of 40 people and I did my best to capture them all for you my friends. (Noelle you did not escape me but you did escape a clear picture.) The photo immediately below this text is Uncle Bandy cutting the turkey. And in case you are wondering his apron reads: "Real Men... Wear Aprons."

 "Show me your angry face Micah." 

 Mikey and Mama
 Aunt Jenna

 Uncle Cameron and Aunt Victoria

This is my mom looking awfully delighted with her plate.


Jordan decided to try holding Makenna. He's a natural.
 (Second cousins)

 Mikey with his uncles.
 Bruno with his grandpas.

 Micah with his auntie.

Fathers and Sons

There you have it.